It is an objective of the Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport Authority (the Authority) to recognize, encourage and support an interest in aviation. In support of that objective, the Authority is offering up to $3,000 in scholarship funds per year. This scholarship money may be used for flight school pilot training or tuition fees for aerospace education programs at college, university or vocational schools. Award of this scholarship will be based upon merit – not need.

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

  • To be eligible for award of this scholarship, the applicant:
  • Must be enrolled in High School or be employed in Alcona County or Iosco County.
  • Must be at least age 16 on April 1, 2019 (under age 18 must have parental/guardian approval to apply).
  • Must be a full-time resident of Alcona County or Iosco County, Michigan.
    For pilot training, the applicant must be able to meet the standards of a FAA Third Class Medical Certificate.
  • For a tuition scholarship, the applicant must be enrolled or accepted in an aerospace education curriculum of a college, university or vocational school.
  • Immediate family members, dependents and all others living in the same household with any Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport Authority Board Member and/or Employee are not eligible.

Application Requirements:

  • Provide a completed application form. In order to complete the application form, you will also need to conduct research within Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), Part 61. This regulation is available via the Internet at the Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport’s web site, www.oscairport.com. Click on “Scholarship” and then click on the “Link to FAA Regulation Part 61.”
  • High School students shall provide a completed authorization form for releasing your high school transcript and attendance records. Students under age 18 must also have this form signed for approval from your parent or guardian.
  • Schedule and complete an interview with your employer. During your interview, give the attached Statement of Recommendation form to your employer and ask them to complete it and return it directly to the Authority.
  • High School students must schedule and complete an interview with the County Commissioner representing their district. During the interview, give the attached Statement of Recommendation form to your Commissioner and request for the Commissioner to complete and return this form directly to the Authority. Please schedule appointments with Commissioners from Alcona County by calling (989) 724- 9410, or for Iosco County Commissioners call (989) 362-4212.

Evaluation Criteria:

The following items will be evaluated by the Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport Authority’s Scholarship Selection Committee:

  • Completeness, accuracy and legibility of application.
  • Employer and/or County Commissioner’s Recommendation.
  • School academic and work performance is indicative of the applicant’s capability for successful completion of flight training and / or college education.
  • School and/or work discipline record is indicative of applicant’s likelihood to operate an aircraft safely and in accordance with aviation rules and regulations.

Selection Process:

The Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport Authority’s Selection Committee will score all applications. The highest-ranking applicants will be invited to interview with the Selection Committee. Based on the results of the interview, the Selection Committee will recommend one applicant, along with an alternate, to the Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport Authority Board of Directors for award of the scholarship. The award is anticipated to be determined at the Authority’s Regular Meeting on April 16, 2019. In the event the primary applicant(s) is unable to meet the requirements of the FAA Third Class Medical Certificate or does not pursue aerospace related college, university or vocational education, The Authority may choose to transfer the scholarship award to the selected alternate. The Authority also reserves the right to not award this scholarship if, in its opinion, there are insufficient qualified applicants.

Allowable Scholarship Expenses:

  • FAA Third Class Medical Examination.
  • Aircraft rental for flight training.
  • Ground and Flight instructions from an instructor that is licensed by the State of Michigan.
  • Pilot Log Book (To be provided by Authority).
  • Pilot Training Materials (To be provided by Authority).
  • Tuition fees for aerospace related education at a college, university or vocational school.

Responsibilities of Scholarship Recipient:

  • Make and keep all flying and ground instruction appointments. If an appointment must be broken, notify the instructor at least twelve (12) hours in advance. At the discretion of the Authority, the scholarship could be forfeited for repeated failures to meet scheduled training appointments.
  • Schedule flight-training hours so as to complete training in a reasonable time. The pilot training is limited to the five-month term from May 1, 2019 through September 30, 2019.
  • Payment for all allowable scholarship expenses will be made directly by the Authority. Payment will not be made for any unused expenses if the recipient cannot finish or quits training.
  • Recipient and his/her parent and/or guardian will be required to execute a Scholarship Acceptance Agreement, including a Release of Liability, Release of Medical Information, and authorization to use the recipient’s name and likeness in Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport promotional material.

Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport Authority, shall not discriminate as it relates to any applicant, on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, or national origin, as it relates to all purposes to which this scholarship is intended.

The Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport Authority reserves the right to withdraw its offer of this Scholarship at any time, and for any reason. If you have questions, or require additional information, contact the Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport Authority at (989) 739-1111.