Runway Data


The Airport has a single Runway  7/25 which is 11,800’ x 200’, oriented in a northeast-southwest alignment. This lighted precision instrument runway is constructed of grooved asphalt and has a gross weight bearing strength of 550,000 pounds for aircraft with dual tandem wheel gear. The runway pavement occupies about 2.4 million square feet, or about 55 acres of paved surface.


Taxiway ‘A’ is full-length parallel, with three connectors (‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘A-West’), to Runway  7/25. It is 75’ wide with 35’ wide paved shoulders. Taxiway ‘A’ is lighted and separated from the Runway  7/25 centerline by 1,024’. Taxiway ‘A’ is designed to support Aircraft Reference Code Design Group V aircraft.

Taxiways ‘D’ is a connector providing access to and from the general aviation; terminal area, FBO services, fuel farm and hangar facilities. It is 3,800’ long x 50’wide and is designed to support Aircraft Reference Code Design Group III aircraft.

Taxiway ‘E’ provides access to and from the ‘heavy aircraft’ capable ‘Iosco Apron’ and loops as a Taxi lane through the large aircraft maintenance hangars. It is 75’wide and meets design standards for Group V aircraft.