Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport Authority

3961 E. Airport Dr.
Oscoda MI 48750

(989)739-0207 Fax



About Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport

The Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport opened as a public airport on December 1, 1993, following the closure of Wurtsmith Air Force Base. Initially the airport was operated by the State of Michigan through the Wurtsmith Base Conversion Authority, then on October 1, 1994, the Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport Authority assumed this responsibility.

The Authority was organized under the provisions of the Michigan Act 206 of 1957 and is comprised of five municipal constituents; Oscoda Township, AuSable Township, Greenbush Township, Iosco County and Alcona County. The purpose of the Authority is generally to operate and maintain a public airport.

The Airport is capable of offering 24-hour near all weather daily access. The Airport\'s UNICOM frequency is 123.0 MHz. Automated weather is available by monitoring the ASP VOR on 118.7 MHz or by telephone at (989)739-1310. Services are available through Oscoda Aviation Services at (989)739-8486. FBO services are available throught Phoenix Aviatoin Services at (989) 739-8486

The Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport is listed in all flight publications which should be consulted for current airport information.

For additional information please contact:

Gary W. Kellan
Airport Manager


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